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Sexual Dysfunction

Suffering silently with a problem that affects you and your most valued relationship on a daily basis?  Tried talking about it with a doctor or nurse, but felt rushed and off balance?  Tried a thing or two that didn’t work well and now you’ve given up on ever finding a solution? Call and come see us at Exceed Hormone specialists for a personal, private discussion.  We know what to do.  We’ve got time for you.

Hormone Management

Decades of experience and research show that your hormones, estrogen and testosterone, are major factors in your overall health and enjoyment of life. When hormones fade with menopause or natural aging, you’re aware that you’ve lost the spark that drives and sustains you. You’ve lost your vitality – and you want it back! Exceed Hormone Specialists is here for you – experts with time, expertise, and real solutions.

The Team

Exceed Hormone Specialists | Heather Pearson ChauhanHeather Pearson Chauhan

A native Memphian, Heather completed her undergraduate work in history at Princeton University and finished medical school and residency training at the University of Tennessee at Memphis. Having served as a physician partner at Ruch Clinic, Dr. Chauhan has 10 years of private practice…Read more

Our Mission

Exceed Hormone Specialists strives to meet your unmet needs related to hormone imbalance, sexual difficulties, and personalized gynecology and urology care. We seek to carefully individualize your therapy and provide genuine hospitality in every realm. We want your results to empower you to choose wisely, live fully and redefine your personal best.

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