Health & Lifestyle Counseling

Weight Management & Nutrition

Weight management and proper nutrition are absolutely necessary for you to get optimal benefit from hormone replacement and good hormone balance. Proper weight and healthy eating are also two of the cornerstones of overall good health. You cannot achieve that wonderful level of vitality that you long for – being and feeling fully alive – if you’re overweight and/or you’re not eating properly.

The same may be said of desired sexual activity – in addition to having ideal hormone levels, you also need energy, drive, improved muscle tone and fitness, and healthy circulation. In both women and men, “bad fat” actually makes harmful substances that interfere with hormone production and balance. Unhealthy fat, because it impairs circulation, contributes to diminished arousal, inadequate functioning and lessened enjoyment.

Our weight management recommendations will be customized for your individual needs. Keeping in mind that the best diet for you is the diet you are willing to follow, we will focus on a plan that emphasizes energy-rich and nutrient dense foods. Our advice will limit your wasted carbs, and substitute healthier complex carbs and proteins. You will find compliance easier because the recommended foods taste good and are filling.
As part of our nutritional advice, we will also offer you professional analysis about certain vitamins and supplements as they relate to your particular situation. These recommendations are constantly changing and without sound independent advice it is difficult for clients to stay current with the changes.

Targeted Exercise

As you search for a healthier lifestyle, full potential and wholeness, you discover that your choices fall roughly into two groups: things others can do for you and things you can only do for yourself. To live fully, to achieve and maintain wellness, balance and vitality, you must exercise. You can “survive” without regular exercise, but you will never realize fitness goals that are more than mediocre.

And while only you can exercise, it isn’t necessary for you to do it alone or without sound medical planning, advice, guidance and lots of support. We can direct and motivate you through a successful exercise program that will be both beneficial and achievable.

Being all that you can be, all that you want to be, requires first restoring your ideal hormone levels and balance. But, we strongly recommend that you do not stop there.

To take optimum advantage of your new hormone health, you must incorporate exercise and weight management into your lifestyle plans. Great hormone health, weight management and exercise – these three elements from Exceed build a solid, stable, balanced three-legged stool that can lift you safely to new heights of living, enjoyment, and satisfaction.

Vitamins & Supplements

Vitality and that overall sense of great health and wholeness is a feeling that most people can experience and remember, but everyone has trouble putting that feeling into a few words. The major reason we can’t easily describe it is because so many different factors play into vitality. Normal hormone levels and good balance are a big part of feeling whole and vital, but not the entire picture: we also need weight management, regular exercise, and good nutrition.

Most of us know that good nutrition requires the right amount of various nutrients like protein, fats, and carbohydrates. But many are confused and dismayed about good choices for other “micronutrients” such as vitamins and supplements. Do we need them, and if so, which ones, when, for how long, and in what amounts?

In simple terms, vitamins are substances that the body absolutely requires for growth and health, but they are not made inside our bodies. We have to take them in with our food or as a “vitamin pill.” Supplements are generally natural substances that we take to help us achieve some personal goal: weight loss or gain, more lean muscle, better skin tone, protection from illness or “anti-aging” steps.

Whatever the reason for taking vitamins and supplements, these “health improving” substances are taken in large amounts by huge numbers of people. Approximately 150 million Americans take vitamins or supplements regularly. Usually, they are taken with little or no medical guidance and frequently, the patient can’t really tell if they are truly beneficial or if there is just a “feel good” placebo effect.

Some of these substances are helpful and needed, some are of little or no value, and some are potentially harmful. What they all have in common is that they are usually expensive. At Exceed Hormone Specialists, Dr. Chauhan and Dr. Pearson are trained to evaluate your vitamins and supplements based on your medical history, complete evaluation, lab studies, and a clear understanding of your nutrition and performance goals.

Our specific recommendations will be based on core medical knowledge and the latest reliable research. We will then tailor the recommendations to your particular situation and needs. Such an approach insures that your ongoing supplement and vitamin choices are aligned with your individual health situation, your needs, and your aspirations.