Hormonal & Sexual Dysfunction After Cancer

Men and women who have been or are still undergoing cancer treatment face hormone management issues just like other men and women who have not had cancer.

In our previous practices, we have observed that many of these patients are frustrated about what is safe for them to use and who can help them find resolution to these complaints.

The group of physicians treating cancer patients each have a particular area of expertise (oncology, radiology, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, etc.) and frequently one specialist defers the decision about hormones to another specialist who then defers to another specialist and so on and so forth. Before long, the patient gives up because he or she can never get a straight answer about what to do as a next step. As time passes, the symptoms of hormone deficiency worsen and no help is forthcoming. The patient is often left to suffer in silence with these complaints.

We are here to address this issue. Every case is different and every cancer patient has a unique personal story. We want to make a difference in the quality of your life. We are hormone specialists. Many cancer patients can take certain hormones with expert guidance and supervision.

Please come talk with us and share your story and your current difficulties, so we can carefully evaluate your particular situation. We then can work with you and your other physicians to develop a safe and effective plan that addresses your hormone issues. We want you to take advantage of this opportunity to feel better as you get better.