What’s the Difference Between a Personal Care and Primary Care Physician?

When you’re feeling fatigued, distracted, or depressed, who do you go to for a solution?

A nurse practitioner? Your primary care physician? A gynecologist or urologist?

Unfortunately, when it comes to your health, knowing where to go isn’t always clear-cut.

In fact, one of our most frequently asked questions is

“What’s the difference between a primary care physician and you?”

The short answer is with personalized care, you get:

  • A team of professionals who specialize in elder care, urology, and gynecology in a private, unhurried office setting.
  • But the real benefits go beyond the waiting room. And while we aren’t here to replace your primary care doctor, we offer a different look at the bigger picture.

    Below are some of the key (and often unknown) differences between seeking care from a primary care physician and a personal care physician.

    You get solutions that don’t require a prescription pad (or invasive procedures)

    Many of our patients visit us after seeing their primary care doctor, gynecologist, or urologist. Usually, it’s because they’ve received lab work but can’t make sense of the results.

    Their doctor may sign them off with a clean bill of health or write a prescription — either way; there isn’t a clear understanding of why.

    So, here’s how we approach it — we examine the lab work, spend time getting to know, and then walk you through the numbers. For example, why is your vitamin D low? Is the deficiency connected to current medications or a pre-existing disease?

    Why is it important to raise it? How can we do that without changing your current medication or adding more pills to the mix?

    Our goal, in the long-term, is to help you get off medication. We explore alternative options, such as supplements, dietary changes, and exercise.

    Plus, the better you understand what’s going on with you, the more likely you are to participate in improving your health.

    You have time to ask questions and get answers

    How often do you sit in a waiting room for 30 minutes? An hour? Maybe longer? All to see the doctor for a fleeting moment?

    Nothing is more frustrating than arriving to your appointment armed with questions/concerns — just to be hurried out the door.

    Healthcare is our expertise, but listening is our priority. Our days are scheduled to give personalized, quality time to each patient.

    For example, one of our patients was experiencing bladder irritation. She was visiting her doctor for solutions and taking supplements. But nothing was changing. During our consultation, we evaluated every possible cause — from her diet to her bathroom habits.

    By taking the time to investigate the subtle details of her health and lifestyle, we discovered the issue was blue dye in her supplement capsule. Then, we found a non-medicative solution — that’s easily implemented. Our patient now avoids blue dye in her food and supplements.

    You get customized weight management and nutrition plans

    Mythbuster: Not all of our patients need hormone replacement therapy.

    In fact, we may only see you one time. Even if you’re experiencing signs of menopause or andropause, it may not be time to treat your hormones.

    Maybe in ten years, but we may see other areas that can be improved first. Like your sleep, mood swings, weight gain, or deficiencies. We’ll make suggestions on your health, the type of exercise your body needs, and your diet.

    This approach is unique to what we do. We have the training and experience to understand what you’re saying and how it affects your body. We focus on you and not whatever shot or pill is trending.

    Our goal is to work with patients, so they can become a whole person, real person, and vital person. What other questions do you have about personal care? Ask us on Facebook or email us!