Setting New Year Intentions

The start of a new year is often an exciting time and an opportunity for reflection as many of us look back on the year prior and evaluate what worked (and what may not have). However, it can potentially bring an overwhelming feeling of stress about how we can be better moving forward. Changing your lifestyle is about baby steps, so follow these tips to create healthy habits that last.

Recognize your achievements

Upon reflecting on the past year, it can be easy to look down on yourself for fallbacks. But it’s important to remember how far you’ve come already. Perhaps a year ago you didn’t drink as much water or take frequent enough walks. Take note of the achievements you’ve made — no matter how small. Doing so will empower you to take more steps towards your end goal. Remember: change is not possible overnight, so the progress you made in 2021 is important to acknowledge.

Be intentional

As you start setting goals for the new year, think short and long term. There are 365 days for you to get that much closer to the best version of yourself. You may try breaking the year into chunks — perhaps in three-month increments. This will help you see your goals more clearly and make them more attainable.

For example, from January to March, you may strive towards 8 cups of water each day. From April to June, introduce a new exercise routine 3-5 days per week. During the months of July through September, motivate yourself to improve your gut health. Then close out the year by practicing meditation or journaling every day before bed. There are plenty of fun ways to prioritize a healthy lifestyle, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your approach.

Give yourself some grace

There will be days when you don’t eat enough vegetables or skip a workout, but that doesn’t mean you’re not on your way to a better lifestyle. Several things can get in the way of our health journey, including lack of sleep, financial concerns, problems at work, or trouble at home. Occasional slip-ups are part of the process, so when they happen, give yourself some grace. It won’t take long for your consistent practices to become habits. And the healthier you become physically and mentally, the more resilient you are to handle life stressors.


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How to Have a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for joy, love, and laughter. But unfortunately for many, these special occasions can cause a level of anxiety that’s only been heightened by the pandemic. Navigating the mental, financial, and food-related challenges around the holiday season can be tricky. No matter what your holiday looks like, these simple tips will help you through it. 

Stay present and engaged

Set boundaries — COVID-related or otherwise — for holiday parties ahead of time and check in with yourself periodically. This time of year can be chaotic. When you need a break — whether it be from the food, the people, or the shopping — take it. Even better, schedule time for self-care before the stress sets in. Your calendar is likely filling up quickly, so don’t be afraid to step back and recharge, even if that means politely declining party invites. 

Avoid food restriction

While it may seem counterintuitive, try not to restrict anything from your diet this season. Avoid putting foods on your plate because they’re “healthy” or choosing small portions out of guilt. This will likely leave you hungry and unsatisfied — potentially causing you to overindulge on dessert or leftovers later. Stick to a healthy lifestyle and your normal routine 80% of the time, and allow yourself to enjoy the other 20%. If you do end up overeating, take a walk and drink a glass of water to reset. Balance is key. 

Choose gratitude

When the holiday season gets hectic, it can be easy to forget about the simple pleasures life has to offer: family; friends; plenty of food; a place to call home. This feels particularly true when we’re running around the mall shopping for gifts. Setting aside time to focus on what you’re grateful for will help remind you what this time of year is truly about. 

Let go of expectations

This may be the first time you’re reuniting with distant family or friends after a holiday in lockdown last year. This may also still be a time of financial stress due to the pandemic. While a sense of “normalcy” may be a bit ambitious, allow yourself to celebrate the best way you can given the unique circumstances


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