A Story for Father’s Day 2015

John stumbled down the back steps and out through the open garage. Why was he dragging like this on a Saturday morning – no work, yet he couldn’t get his head clear?  He spotted Mike in the driveway next door loading sporting gear into his SUV.

“What’s up, Mike?” he shouted. Mike looked up “Hey, John, just getting ready for a big Father’s Day tomorrow. We’re all going to get an early start for the lake, barbeque, and some heavy water skiing and swimming. How about you – what are you guys doing for Father’s Day?”

John’s face fell. “Mike, what’s your secret? You’re so on top of things now! Actually, I’m hoping my Mary just wants to do lunch then come home so I can hit the couch. The last thing I want to do tomorrow is anything physical!”

Walking over to John, Mike dug a little. “Are you doing anything to get your old zip and drive back? Lisa and I have noticed that you don’t ever go anywhere or do much outside in the yard? Did turning 40 a few years ago do you in?”

“Mike, something has definitely happened to me in the past couple of years, but I can’t figure out what to do. Mary doesn’t know what to do with me! That’s what I’m asking you: ‘What’s your secret?’”

“John, it’s not a secret; it’s a plan. Sit down here in the house for five minutes and let me tell you how I stay on top.”

John slumped into the kitchen chair and Mike started talking – straight at him! “John, this time last year Lisa sat me down and said ‘We need to talk about the mean old man that’s hanging around this house!’ I jumped up, alarmed, thinking she meant somebody was nosing around our place – but that wasn’t it. She caught me completely by surprise. ‘Mike’’ she said, ‘I’m talking about you! You’re the old man! You’ve become a drag – always tired, irritable, don’t want to go anywhere, and you never make a pass at me anymore!’”

“I started trying to defend myself but I knew she was right on. I fell back on my age, “Lisa, turning 50 was hard on me. I lost my pep. You know I tried that “low T” shot clinic near work for several months. Seemed to work at first then no bang at all after that.”

“Mike,” she said “turning 50 was hard on me too, but I did more than just answer a radio ad promising a quick fix. I went to see a real physician, told her my problems and asked for an evaluation and some long term help. That’s just what I got: time, attention, great medical care and the correct hormones just for me. In a few weeks, I was a new person. What I’m giving you for Father’s Day is an appointment to see a real doctor!”

“So, John, you know the rest of my story” Mike went on. “Look at me now! Fit, fun, motivated, and a real partner for Lisa. The doctors at Exceed Hormone Specialists, where they took care of Lisa, took the same care of me. I got a real check-up, important lab tests, and an exam.  The doctor made me go see my family doctor and get started on some cholesterol medication. Then, I got lasting treatment for my low testosterone: tiny pellets under the skin that last 6 months and I don’t have to remember to take anything. My hormone doctor also made me start exercising and get some weight off – lean meat , fruits, vegetables- stuff that supports my health, not runs me down.”

John, sitting straight up now and realizing he just got nailed with great advice, quizzes, “Where do I start?”

“John, knowing our wives, I bet Lisa has been talking to your Mary for months. Sure, Mary knows what a great guy you are, but she wants you to look it and feel it and hold her a little more – she’s your real gift!”

“I’m going to pass the word that what you need for Father’s Day is a gentle kick in the rear to get you off your butt, plus an appointment for a free consult over at Exceed. What you do with it is up to you, but you won’t get another chance like this. Father to father – this is your chance to make a real difference! Make it a Happy Father’s Day!