Healthy Together: How to Build a Lifestyle You and Your Partner Can Stick to

If you’ve ever been inspired by a friend or colleague to get healthy, you know how exciting it can be to begin your own health journey. That initial inspiration can be enough to get started, but it’s not always enough to keep you going. Whether it’s a lack of resources or time or a lack of motivation, we’ve all been there. That’s what makes accountability and adaptability essential. 


Research shows that if we have someone alongside us cooking healthy meals or working out, we’ll experience a higher chance of long-term success — not only in reaching but maintaining our health goals. If you’re inspired to follow a healthy lifestyle and have someone to hold you accountable, you’re much more likely to go to that workout class, or cook dinner instead of ordering takeout. It starts with creating a plan and having a reliable partner you can lean on for support. Work together to meal prep every Tuesday, or sign up for the same boot camp class on Saturday mornings. When you know someone — in this case, a loved one — is depending on you, you feel more inclined to show up for them. As a result, you show up for yourself. Not only that but spending time building healthy habits together will strengthen your relationship emotionally and build stronger connections with one another. 


There will be days when you don’t have time to exercise, or nights out with friends that don’t necessarily provide healthy meal options. This is perfectly okay! Be willing to adapt in ways that work best for you and your partner based on the unique circumstances that may come your way. The key is setting those boundaries ahead of time. Make note of any upcoming travel, hectic work weeks, etc. so you can plan ahead. Choose one day per week to give yourself some grace. Or have plan B’s for occasional slip-ups with your diet so you can easily shift.

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