3 Ways to Reconnect With Your Significant Other

Believe it or not, it’s quite normal to drift apart from your significant other. However, it’s important to remember that just because you feel disconnected in the moment — or even for a couple of months — it doesn’t mean it will last forever. Plenty of couples go through rough patches due to a variety of reasons, including parenting conflicts, financial stress, or sexual dysfunction. When life gets busy, it can feel easier to ignore your problems than take the time to overcome them. But before you throw in the towel, consider these tips.


You prioritize work meetings enough to add them to your calendar, so why not do the same for time with your significant other? Choose a day each month for something special for just the two of you — whether it be breakfast at the local diner, a trip to the bookstore, or drinks downtown. Then create a recurring invite on your calendar so it doesn’t slip your mind. Rekindling romance doesn’t require fancy gifts, it takes connection; and the best way to do that is through quality, one-on-one time. So while you’re at it, be sure to tuck your phone away during the date so you can be truly present with your partner.


Once we settle into our routines, it can become challenging to converse with your significant other outside of the normal topics about the house, kids, or work. Deep questions may have been replaced with “How was your day?”, followed by short, routine responses. To overcome this, challenge each other to start unique conversations during dinner or share what you’re most grateful for each night before bed. Not only will these simple tactics keep you tuned into your significant other emotionally, it will also open the communication between you — helping you more effectively navigate potential conflict down the road.


Noticed your partner had a busy day at work? Offer to give them a foot rub. Dealing with the issue of sexual dysfunction? Be a listening ear and offer to sit down with a professional. Find them rushing around to get ready in the morning? Pack their lunch with a sweet note. By taking time out of your day to do these thoughtful, but not time-consuming acts, you show them not only that they are noticed, but appreciated. And at the end of the day, that’s all anyone could ask for. In fact, the old saying, “what you appreciate, appreciates” rings true. Be willing to take the initiative and know that the generous acts you give will likely be returned to you.

Like most anything in life, relationships will have periods of disconnect. But when you find yourself weathering the storm, go back to the reasons you fell in love with your significant other in the beginning. Be willing to be the first to take initiative and show up for your partner. You’re in this together after all. And we’re here to support you along the way.

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