Don’t Have Dental Insurance? Here are 3 Ways to Afford Care.

There aren’t many places on your body that’s left untouched from the effects of aging, and that includes your teeth.

Unfortunately, once you retire or hit 65, you’re on your own when it comes to cleanings, X-rays, and procedures. Medicare doesn’t cover it and finding affordable coverage is tricky.

But, your teeth need tending — no one wants to deal with pain or decay. So, how do you afford the quality dental care you need (and deserve)? Here are three ways.

Use Free or Public Dental Providers

You have a couple of options when it comes to finding free or low-cost dental services.

For example, many charities, faith-based groups, and professional dental organizations will donate their services to meet the overwhelming need of people who need care but don’t have insurance to afford it.

The wait time can be lengthy, and some only serve seniors, people with medical conditions or disabilities, or low-income patients. However, volunteer dentists and specialists make sure you get quality care. You can contact your local branch of United Way to learn more about what’s available in the Greater Mid South area.

Alternatively, you can find taxpayer-funded clinics that are run by local and/or state healthcare departments or community health centers. These clinics charge low prices, fixed rate prices, or they use a sliding scale that determines what you pay based on what you can afford. Offering free exams, cleanings, X-rays, fillings, crowns, and surgical tooth extractions, this is a great option if you have a suitable income to pay for services to some extent.

If you aren’t eligible for either of the above, some dentists operate on a sliding pay scale. You can contact the American Dental Association to find out who does so in Tennessee and Mississippi.

Search for Coupons

You can also save money at your next dental appointment by checking out deals on sites like Groupon and Living Social. Or, you can sometimes find coupons in the Valpak you receive in the mail.

And, hey, and why not call up your favorite dentist and ask if they’re running any specials, deals, or savings in the next few months? Many dentists understand seniors can’t rely on their Medicare coverage for dental care, or that sometimes, dental insurance just isn’t affordable.

If you’ve been a loyal patient over the years, you may be surprised what your dentist can do to help make sure you can afford the care you need. Let him or her know your position and see if you can get a discount or if they can refer you to someone who may be able to do so.

Visit a Dental School

You can help aspiring dentists gain experience and save money on dental care by visiting a local dental school.

For example, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center offers routine dental care provided by their students, special services from graduates, and treatments and procedures from their staff. They also assist with emergencies. You can visit their website to learn more about services, cost, and scheduling.

Free and public dental clinics, coupons, and dental schools are three easy ways to take care of your teeth when you don’t have dental coverage. As a hormone therapy clinic that believes insurance-driven healthcare is a quick way to get lackluster service anyway, we strive to help you find alternatives that are equal in quality and results. Want to learn more about aging with grace and vitality? Give us a call today!