Greetings From Exceed – We’re Here & Ready

I could not be more excited to share with you the news that Exceed Hormone Specialists is now open for business!

Exceed is staffed by full time specialists in gynecology and urology. We care for women and men with gynecology and urology concerns with a strong focus on hormone imbalance, bio-identical hormone therapy, sexual issues and the related loss of vitality.

On a personal note, my father and I are embarking on this adventure together because we truly believe in the power of a doctor-patient relationship built on trust and understanding. We know the best way to build those relationships is by spending face-to-face time with our patients, getting to know them and working with them to determine the best course of treatment for their hormone-related conditions.

While we are officially opening our doors in the coming weeks, we are already hard at work and available for questions, seminars and appointment scheduling.

Our site is filled with information about all of the hormone therapy services we offer, as well as resources for those wanting to know more about hormone-related conditions and treatments.

Our office at 7512 Second Street in Germantown is ready to take your calls! You can reach us five days a week at 901-312-7899 and you can email us anytime at

We will be offering informational seminars about Bioidentical Hormone Therapy throughout the rest of the year, but the next available dates are:

Monday 11/3/14 at 10am;
Thursday 11/6/14 at 5:30pm; and
Monday 11/10/14 at both 10am and 5:30pm

These small-group seminars are intended to provide an overview of hormone imbalance and how bioidentical hormone therapy is used to treat it. Our board-certified physicians will provide insight from their years of training and experience, as well as answer any questions you might have. Contact the office to reserve a spot and find out the location.

We have so much more to share with you, but for now we wanted to say hello and encourage you to reach out to us. We’d love to meet you and find out what Exceed can do for you!

Heather Pearson Chauhan MD, FACOG