Once upon a time…there lived a father and a daughter who saw their roles as physicians in a unique light. Both were frustrated with the changes in medicine that were limiting their abilities to spend time with their patients. Both saw time as imperative in developing the doctor-patient relationship needed to promote best health. Both witnessed the changes in the healthcare system that would continue to decrease face to face time and increase impersonal computer interaction. They watched this system develop protocols to treat illnesses rather than design individualized care paths. This father and daughter decided that they wanted a different experience for those under their care. They wanted to continue practicing the art of medicine for the benefit of their patients.

This is not a fairy tale. This is Exceed Hormone Specialists. We are the father and daughter who want our patients to have lives filled with vitality. We are here to make this a reality for each person who chooses to pursue a new wellness for themselves with our guidance.

Exceed Hormone Specialists was born from the desire to practice medicine using the models from the past that were both effective in treating illness and satisfying in building relationships. These historical models of “the family doctor” focused on building trust and understanding between the patient and the physician so that the picture of “disease” encompassed not only a list of signs and symptoms but also placed value in closely related situations including family life, work environment, external stressors, nutritional habits, exercise patterns, and sleep history.

Exceed Hormone Specialists was also launched to introduce this community to advances that are being made in the management of hormones and to keep this community informed about the developments that are forthcoming. This will allow our patients to have the best care related to wellness regardless of their age. We don’t want to be part of the “standard of care.” We plan to Exceed.

We are a team. My father and I have collaborated for as long as I can remember. There was the complex construction of a science fair project on River Meanders based on a Scientific American article from the early 1980s. There was the endless exchange of telephone faxes  between Tennessee and New Jersey during my freshman year in college as I attempted to master advanced calculus. There were discussions over anatomy books as surgical techniques advanced from traditional to robotic in the most recent decade. Currently there are excited conversations over new data related to optimal testosterone management, advances in female sexual dysfunction treatment, and hormone safety data in cancer patients. We want to be the team that helps you finally find the help you need to achieve the wellness you have been missing.